Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Elton in Light

Rebecca of The Clothese horse waring the Elton dress during a studio visit.
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Sticky Fingers on Kid-in

After a weekend of sugary sweet treats, we were reminded of this great editorial featuring the Sticky Fingers  necklace!

 photo 6557_paris_uma__dec_2013_300.jpg

The Sticky Fingers necklace worn in a shoot styled by Alice Bertay, photographed by Zoe Adlersberg and with hair and makeup by Haribo.

 photo 65031.jpg

See "For a Minute, Eternity" on kid-in

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The actual Easter outfit

Today is a picture perfect Easter day in the Northfork and the Zopf and eggs turned out well and we had a lovely, Swiss style brunch. I hope you ar enjoying a colorful and happy day too!

My final Easter outfit is the Baguette shirt with the Cindy skirt
 photo C542BA66-01F9-4D29-B467-73A48620B1E5.jpg photo 27736759-9D49-4EF3-AF28-B586877AF183.jpg photo 09954602-A0A8-458C-8257-6278B8C11FC8.jpg
Easter bunny spotting in the garden!
 photo 3A593CDE-FE96-4367-8049-976A0705850D.jpg
I dyed them with a nylon stocking, leaves and various dyes :)
 photo 7A911B11-4CFA-49B1-9346-8BCF99E286C5.jpg

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Family Affairs Muses Part 2: Amie

 Amie May used to be our wonderful press intern and is now at fashion school in Melbourne!
 photo muses.jpeg

Amie, I love your fun way of dressing, you seem to go through different inspiration phases, right? What are your themes right now? Are there any movies or songs that are inspiring you to get dressed?

I go through a lot of phases in my personal style, I can never choose just one! Haha I always seem to get hooked on a tv show or a movie and want to dress like characters from them for months and then I'll watch a YouTube clip of some music video and start dressing like that.
I'm really loving Amy Adams' styling in the movie Her, cute little patterned collared shirts and comfy, lived in sweaters, casually fitting slacks, anything that feels as cozy like pyjamas.
On the other hand I am also obsessed with Iggy Azalea and her Clueless inspired video for her song Fancy, and like Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger in Empire Records. I'm yet to find the perfect plaid tennis skirt!
  photo empire-records-liv-tyler-corey.jpg
You are in your second semster at fashion school, congratulations! So far what has been the most valueable lesson/experience at school?
Thank you! I think more than anything its taught me that theres always something new to learn and to always keep bettering myself and my skills. There's so much that goes into making a garment than what people might think!

Has being in school changed your style and how?

Everyone in my class has a really distinct style and they are so comfortable in their sense of self its really made me more confident in the way I dress and also to have fun with dressing! I think I take more risks and experiment more with the clothes I pick now than before, brighter colours or louder prints and almost always starting with the shoes first :)

Amie wearing the Bonnie's Boat dress
 photo Photoon8-04-14at1231PM7.jpg photo Photoon8-04-14at1231PM.jpg
If Melbourne was a shoe, what would it look like?

A mule shoe with a chunky platform heel or a super sleek lace up darby shoe with a chunky tread sole.
 photo ramblingdaniel-melb.png photo amie-melb.png
What is the best sandwich you ever had?

I had a pretty incredible Reuben sandwich at this cafe in Melbourne recently called Two Birds One Stone, the corned beef was super tender, the Swiss cheese was melted just so perfectly and the Russian dressing and sauerkraut were just the right amount of tang to cut through it all.
I still miss being able to go to almost any deli in New York no matter how small and how hole-in-the-wall it was and get an A+ BLT bagel for super cheap!
 photo IMG_20130628_132426.jpg
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-16at92038AM.png
Do you have any packing tips for us?
I hate to carry heavy luggage so I always pack super light, and take a really nice coat with me thats weather appropriate, a pair of sneakers and a pair of dressy flats.

(spot the Fantasy skirt in leopard print )
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-16at91308AM.png
What is your favorite Family Affairs piece and why?

My favourite Family Affairs piece I own is the Room With A View dress, even though I don't get to wear it often, I just love the design - its so dramatic and romantic - I like how its cut quite a long length but its all sheer, very demure but also sexy!
 I wear my Frankie skirt a lot because it goes with everything and in summer I can't get enough of the Amour dress especially when I go to the beach!

Amie in the Room With A View dress
 photo Photoon8-04-14at1212PM3.jpg photo Photoon8-04-14at1211PM4.jpg
Amie in the Amour dress
 photo Photoon8-04-14at1217PM3.jpg
 photo Photoon8-04-14at1218PM5.jpg

Easter Outfit No.5

Today was heavenly at the beach in the Northfork wearing my Henry dress and feeling my bare feet in the sand for the first time, then dying eggs and baking a Swiss Zopf. I love Easter and it makes me miss my family.
 photo 53A6AF54-6DC8-4684-B3C7-0CE24576ED4A.jpg photo 2D3F2800-3CAC-415D-8ED4-72301337850C.jpg photo 54B6566D-D427-421C-BB78-4ACED6288666.jpg photo 0A24761F-A0AC-43A9-B357-F9F0849BB6CE.jpg

Saturday, April 19, 2014


We hope you get to spot Easterbunnies in your garden, paint eggs and indulge in Easter sweets this weekend! xxx
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Rue St. Vincent rewind repeat

We've discovered Katie's amazing blog skunk boy.

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-11at11247PM.png

This fall post featuring the Rue St. Vincent Coat is perfect for spring. Swap that mask for a bunny and you're in business!

See the whole post here

Easter Outfit no.4

Easter outfit no.4 is Bryson wearing the Holiday In Rome skirt with the Yoko tunic tucked in.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Outfit no.3

Easter outfit no.3 is the Rue St. Vincent coat and the silk Imagine pants
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Vacation Dreaming on Of a Kind

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-11at15728PM.png
See the entire post on

With Love from Bunny

Another Easter outfit inspiration: the Sweetheart 77 necklace! On Sale until Sunday at 50% off
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

early evening light at the studio

with my Lourdes tunic (worn as a top) and the Margot skirt
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Feature in Match Up Magazine

match up photo match-upmag.jpg

 photo 03-01stil.png

Deniz Yilmaz's interview of Nina for her Turkish magazine Match-Up


* How did you start to be a part of fashion industry?
My mum is a fashion designer and she had this amazing closet room with her archive designs, denim plateau boots and boxes of jewelry, I spent a lot of time in that room and I feel that is where it all started..

* How did you decide to create a collection on 2008? Was it your first collection, right?
Yes exactly, fall 08 was our first collection! It was an idea that was floating around for a while to work with my mum and just produce a few pieces but then it became a full collection of course and it's been nonstop since then.

*Can you tell about your fashion story with your mother? Which parts she is responsible, andwhich parts you are, while creating a new collection?
 I usually start working on shapes, styles, mood, fabric inspiration and get to a story for a collection. My mum is doing style sketches at the same time. We meet up and discuss our ideas and create a collection. My mum does all the patterns and I source all the fabrics, make the prints, style the lookbook etc.

* I think that your collections' patterns are so special, do you design these patterns/prints byyourself? How do you choose which patterns you'll use?
 Thank you! For spring I like to draw the prints myself and for fall I usually do a mix between interesting textures like the jaccquard of this season and then add a few prints. When I start on the patterns I usually sit down and paint and do it all in one session, so I just paint for hours, things I am thinking about, that inspire me..

* What is the story behind the braces & kisses prints? (one of my favorites)
 I love lipstick and kisses! I added the braces because it makes it more fun and imperfect! Not that it is fun to have braces: I had them for many years.
* Which things (or whom) make you draw inspirations during working on a collection?
It's always a personal thing, songs I listen to, things I see when I bike around at sunset, love stories that happen, old books, records, even bakery displays. It all creates a mood, a story.

* Did you live in NYC before, how did you come to this city?
I studied acting in NY and then I started making jewelry and in 2008 I added Family Affairs.

* How do you find fashion designs in NYC, are they inspirational enough?
I love NY fashion, love the community, It's a really great place for fashion!

* If we have only 1 day in NYC, what you can suggest to do for us?
I suggest you bike to Red Hook to eat some Lobster and watch the Statue of Liberty at sunset, to eat oysters or granola at Marlow and Sons, to lay in the grass in Central Park and read Catcher In The Rye, to eat soup at Noodle Town and to wear sneakers. Ride the subway over the Manhattan bridge and be blown away by the skyline.

* If we're not living in the USA, how can we purchase your items?
We ship internationally with a flat shipping fee of $10 from our website

Easter Outfit No.2

Bryson is wearing Easter outfit no. 2 - The Legends dress!
 photo EASTER_3.jpg photo EASTER_4.jpg

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Outfit No.1

We are having an EASTER OUTFIT COUNTDOWN with an Easter Outfit per day.
I have always loved dressing up for Easter! No.1 is the  Crystal Spaceship dress.
 photo EASTER_5.jpg
 photo EASTER_2.jpg photo EASTER_1.jpg

***** teacher style

 Annie being an amazing teacher in her Annie shirt and Bolshoi overalls. Love that outfit!
 photo 10013421_10152373069533745_2153919022866901715_o.jpg

Monday, April 14, 2014

Little Edie...

I adore this photo of Rebecca of The Clothes Horse wearing the Little Edie dress during a studio visit.
Photo by Bryson.
 photo _MG_8181_zpsde55895a-1.jpg

Boticca Sale!

I know this is a bit tight but for another 3 hours we have a really great private sale on Boticca with Toujours Toi to enter it just add us to your Favorites.
 photo strawberry_fields_neckl_1.jpg

Unicorn Ring in The Last Magazine

The Unicorn Ring in The Last Magazine's "Heavy Handed"
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-11at14151PM.png
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-11at14243PM.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-11at14950PM.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-11at15003PM.png

See the entire HEAVY HANDS online exclusive on

Photographed by Nadya Wasylko and Styled by Dwight Reeves

You can buy the Unicorn ring and other Circe products on

Sunday, April 13, 2014

white and silver

The World Is Ours shirt- Anna style; me encanta!
 photo 891589_10152364302763745_426388655_o.jpg

Animal Behaviour

Love this blog post on Lost and Found featuring our Piano shirt and Margot skirt:
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-09at101321AM.png

Family Affairs Muses part 1: Alexandra

I am really happy to introduce the Family Affairs Muses series today! Each Sunday we will feature an interview with one of our muses. There are so many amazing, inspiring and talented women part of the Family and I wanted to introduce them to you!
 photo muses.jpeg
Starting off today with Alexandra Kruse, writer, stylist, unicorn. Here Alexandra is wearing the Mari dress in love print during one of our epic coffee and cake chats, joined by Kosmo and his airplane.

 photo -4.jpg

You are one of the most intuitve people I know and you are also delightfully practical! How do you keep your intuitive side open and how do you ground yourself?

Honestly, it's an everyday challenge - I try to keep a little ME Time ( my sweet treat: magazines and coffee) and try to live as clean as possible - I love to takes salt baths, my beloved boyfriend David is a very talented chef and spoils me with super organic raw vegan love food, planted and harvested in Lalaland.
And having children is the most profound and grounding experience one could possible have in this life time. So I enjoy sandboxes as much as Kosmo, our two year old boy does! And I love Kundalini Yoga to restore all energy Bodies.

 photo Foto1.jpg

With what mystical creature do you most associate yourself with?

A perfectly white unicorn with a shiny rainbow horn called "Magic Princess Stardust" with the strong and brave heart of a dragon, some rock strong wings,  the liquid fantasy of a Mermaid and a lot of very helpful Fairy energy.

 photo Foto2.jpg

You are a wonderful stylist and surpised me with your amazing merchandising abilities when we set up the Schneewittchen & Rosenrot pop up in Zurich. When you merchandise or when you do a make over what is your intention

Oh, thank you - it always helps when inspiration comes from nice things made with love - it was just so easy to put everything together!
I love love love your home collection ( guess, what my star sign is…. cancer!!) My most important goal in life is to keep people happy, to somehow hold space for them so that they can easily decide what suits them best and which product can make their lives a little bit brighter.

 photo 69d43f48-5969-4674-9483-1093cdc8106e.jpg

Whenever I see you, you always have a treasure with you, if it is a ring or a blanket, what is your treasure today?

Oh, that's right, I'm super materialistic, not only in terms of treasures - I'm quite a Mary Poppins - she is also my most favorite person to channel in questions of education.. So my "What would Mary do???" is already a classic. Today's treasure and something I would love to give to my grandchildren is a golden OM on a fine chain, which was worn by Amma. I bought it on the day of Kosmo's baptism.  And a very fine whitegold diamond ring showing an ancient image of mother Mary, from the german jeweler Sevigne. I really don't mind diamonds.

 photo Foto3.jpg

What is your favorite Toujours Toi piece and why?

It's the River Deep Necklace - I had it on me while giving birth to Kosmo ( which was a very melodramatic experience, that ended after 58 hours with a cesarian. even after practicing 200+ of Rainbow Meditation and booked some Dolphins..) at one point during the birth I decided that David had to devote the necklace to the fairies, which I sensed under a tree. Unfortunatly they kept it until today.
 photo river_deep.jpg

Who would you like to give a make over?

Heidi Klum.  My Eyebrows.