Monday, July 27, 2015

LAIKA Magazine

Check out the 5th issue of LAIKA Magazine (online and in print) for a little peak of the Cicciolina Dress! So lovely!

 photo 8a3c5867-db56-4b3e-ab6c-a7788dcde3a5.jpg

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Baking Treats with Meredith

We are always big fans of our dear friend Meredith's work, wether it's singing in Perfect Pussy, writing for RookieMag, or baking delicious treats! We are extra excited about Meredith's new article on Jezebel for profiteroles. We'd love to join you as taste testers, Meredith ;)
 photo 1f1646d05d6c662beca0a87df1017d89.jpg

Meredith is wearing The World is Ours Top in Silver, so sweet for baking sweets!

20% off Tops on Spring!

Happy weekend, friends! Today, beginning at 8pm, all tops on the Spring shopping app will be 20% off! Download the Spring app and utilize this sale for the next 24 hours and choose your favorite Family Affairs top. We love the Ginny shirt, worn here by Kyla Moran for Rubi Jones' book The Art of Hair.
 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3.12.57 PM.png

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beach Dreams

Emily is looking wistfully at the ocean in the Valley Shirt. Day dream this summer, spending all day on the beach, with your light and breezy top.
 photo photo 1.png.jpeg

Photo by Hannah Metz

Midsummer Treat No. 11, the Henry Dress

Happy weekend, beauties! Today's treat is the Henry Dress. Get this gorgeous frock $40 off with the code "midsummertreathenry" when entered at checkout! We love this dress because it's fun and summery, but it's also made extra special with the metallic thread detail. You'll be comfy on a hot day while feeling dressed up and sweet! Our intern, Kelsey, wears the Henry Dress today.
 photo A823215F-7B62-454D-A850-459F1249CB1B.jpg
 photo E3DD505D-3042-481E-95E1-DF6D78E4854C.jpg

Friday, July 24, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat no.10- the Best Day dress with Keiko!

Today is the best day! Not only is it Friday, but today you can get our favorite Best Day dress 50% off! Use the code "midsummertreatkeiko" at checkout to apply today's discount treat. This is extra special because the Best Day dress is from our newest collection. Theres isn't a better way to show you how lovely this dress is than with blogger Keiko Lynn wearing it :) She is absolutely a summer beauty. Get this fun, fruity pick today!
 photo family affairs best day dress keiko lynn2.jpg
 photo BCDAA3EF-2804-4560-A6C5-065DF5E20BE4.jpg
 photo E30E13BC-5919-4AA4-86AA-D1857EBF1550.jpg
 photo F1CE28E7-8457-4C75-9FF0-4A0B266CCE4F.jpg

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat No. 9!

Hello lovelies! Our Midsummer Dream Treat sale is still going strong! Today's special treat is the Cicciolina Dress. Get 40% off the already discounted price of the Cicciolina Dress with the code "midsummertreatmermaid"when entered at checkout! Our favorite Mermaid dress is presented by photographer Champagne Victoria, who's beautiful photos feature model/musician Lauren. Get this sweet treat today!
 photo b2UTIbeSvLo0xu73JLii2m8vG9tFUTiYp-DfKh3bwoY6GJltjve80ge5lsLHT7p-4Yj703LIKCuzylYRLqXdvs79Xo99b1ZT0FVJtfLinCZfeg-3MhmhK2kUbJjTEcWvQ.jpeg photo FdEg09QIwFaNHKqBp1JJb94iu2OaMg2bPHKcpZPqqnE0VlAxNwEPwB-rtDEcDAa5_6z0fOb_W7VyvXl1BAeAg47ODtZs-Y8vrmlgrcc9JZAIh4X2RM43oy5u2SWHrhsfgs9UVEypTrg8wSv2f2pu2TmiR-ORqIpxWxK0tVi4ttmEJC9p79_m1MS.jpeg
 photo Z5K4hEkvbfMP1DV_0LQ6_TkfyGmFJGwyq1zLpoCJywoyUSVRoiL_uLFOOo3mgwFgMp5aLcovSHtE22bwVZUgX4XMzkUbRebcpB0doQ1vaS2D6RvBB0p91DZkaGELH1WBElsMYW3HohDi9Mynhv8oJcG-AcRGWF9GLWbDRrG9e6uI.jpeg

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat No. 8!

Our beautiful and talented friend LaTonya, is presenting our Midsummer Treat today! Get the Fool for Love Dress 30% off with the code "midsummertreatlove" when you enter it at checkout! The Palm Print, designed by Nina herself, is one of our favorites, and we had to share another summery dress with this beloved print! Hurry and get yours today :)
 photo midsummertreats2.jpg
 photo midsummertreats4.jpg

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat No. 7!

Beat the heat in today's Midsummer Treat, the Legends Palm Dress! Our lovely blogger friend Ljupka, from Croatia, is wearing the Legends dress today. Doesn't she look like a summer dream? This cotton dress is lightweight and airy- perfect for this time of year! Get the Legends dress $40 off today with the code "midsummertreatljupka" when used at checkout!
 photo TOT_9005.jpg
 photo TOT_9014.jpg
 photo TOT_9023.jpg
 photo TOT_8996.jpg

Monday, July 20, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat No. 6!

Another hot, hot day in Brooklyn! Our Midsummer Dream Treat on this sunny Monday is the River Jumpsuit. A lightweight structured cotton with a blue and white pinstripe pattern makes this jumpsuit extra special! We love Erin of Calivintage, and today, she's presenting our treat.
Get 50% off the River Jumpsuit today with the code "midsummertreatriver"
 photo calivintage_0857.jpg photo calivintage_0864 1.jpg

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat no.5- The Oh Boy dress!

Sorry for the late post! I am having a slow Sunday in the Brooklyn heat!
Toda's Midsummer Dream Treat is the Oh Boy white velvet dress at an additional 40% off from $120 to $78!
Dream girl Tara photographed by Amber Mahoney, hair by Rubi Jones and Make Up by Allison Perlstein
 photo family_affairs_amber_byrne_mahoney_013.jpg photo family_affairs_amber_byrne_mahoney_015.jpg photo family_affairs_amber_byrne_mahoney_016.jpg

Friday, July 17, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat No. 4- The Clyde Dress!

Katie from Skunkboy Blog is a summer sweet treat in the Clyde Dress! For today's Midsummer Dream Treat, get $30 off the already discounted price! Enter the code "midsummerdreamtreatskunkboy" at checkout to get today's special discount!  photo fa 10 640px.jpg photo fa 5 640px.jpg photo fa 7 640px.jpg photo fa 1 640px.jpg

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat no.3- The Frangipani kimono!

We adore the beautiful Anna Tomas, a journalist and fashion teacher from Barcelona who is presenting our Midsummer Dream Treat no.3 today- the Frangipani kimono at 50% off with code midsummerdreamtreat3 ! Credit Conzalo Bea
 photo 4081E234-0AD6-4909-8676-935A98B8007D_1.jpg
 photo A581AB7D-888A-4CCE-9252-B41AA051A9EA_1.jpg photo B2B0109C-37C5-4B93-8C42-40C2F8E8DF5A_1.jpg photo 6AB6684F-01E1-4B9A-9DAC-382CFF043307.jpg photo 64334FF6-FF58-4D64-BFA5-43490822BCED.jpg

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat no.2! Quilt and Pillow sale

We are so excited to offer a one day pillow and quilt sale for Midsummer Dream Treat no.2!
50% off the already discounted pieces in our Home collection! Enter midsummerdreamtreat2 at check out!

The Goldilocks quilt and pillow are included- as seen by Cassie of Mouth Like Bukowski
 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.34.02 PM.png
 photo Quilts_4_813.jpeg photo RoundPillows_2_692.jpeg

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Breezy in the Little Edie

Kelsey wears the Little Edie, perfect for this July heat!
 photo 455d754f-18c9-4d03-ab54-43802063d38e.jpg

Midsummer Dream Treat Day 1!

We are so excited to start another round of Midsummer Dream Treats!
This is how it works: every day until the 29th of July we are offering a surprise style- presented by a different amazing lady daily- at an extra low price!
We'll reveal the item and the discount code for the items here on the blog, our Insta, Facebook and Twitter!

Midsummer Dream Treat no.1 is the Sound & Vision dress, presented by gorgeous Alex of Larkspurvintage! So dreamy!
We are offering an additional 40%! off the already reduced Sound & Vision dress today with code midsummerdreamtreat1
 photo soundandvision1.jpg photo soundandvision10.jpg photo soundandvision3.jpg
 photo soundandvision7.jpg

Monday, July 13, 2015

Picnic in the Park

Here is a sneak-peak of a shoot we had with photographer/designer/amazing human Hannah Metz and model/blogger/stylist/amazing human LaTonya Yvette! We explored Brooklyn on a warm and sunny day, playing with fruits and wearing lovely Family Affairs summer clothes. LaTonya looks dreamy in the Odile Love Dress!
 photo 0254BAC3-5E20-4239-A958-7F423ECBCA5A.jpg

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Sunday

We hope you're having a lovely weekend!
 photo _DSC0924.png
Here, Kailey wears the Best Day Dress

Saturday, July 11, 2015

After Work angels

Our adorable intern Kelsey wearing her River jumpsuit on the way home from work! It's holding up, even in this heat!
 photo F4205FE6-3E93-471D-ACBB-73F9FB0DFE31.jpg
 photo D0E87C42-2210-418B-82DD-435F80760452.jpg

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Sweets

We're obsessed with these summer prints, especially with this heat wave going on!
 photo 1DA1E12A-0AEE-46A8-A7B1-3BEB6CF71F80.jpg

Get the Marinaro Dress, Best Day Dress, Frangipani Kimono, or the Crimson and Clover Ice Cream Dress in these luscious prints!

Congratulations Hava!

Our lovely customer, Hava, recently got married! She looks stunning in the Like A Virgin dress. Cheers to your happiness, Hava!
 photo ourwedding.jpg

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Italian Vanity Fair

We love blogger Erin of Calivintage, and she recently wore the Frenchie top from the Ti Amo collection. Her post was featured in Italian Vanity Fair and we are so excited!
 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.15.23 AM.png

Legends Romance

We love Love! And we love photos of our customer in Family Affairs pieces! So this is a combination of both, so extra special.
Our beautiful customer Shannon with her beau and the Legends dress- perfect!
 photo SarahSovereignPhotography_ShannonandLee29.jpg photo SarahSovereignPhotography_ShannonandLee45.jpg
 photo SarahSovereignPhotography_ShannonandLee4.jpg