Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Toujours Toi Party at Lux-Zurich!

it's time for another toujours toi bijoux party!
very excited about it, we are even having a dj! and the event was featured in "facts" a big weekly swiss magazine.
If you are in Zurich swing by and have a glass of bubbly with us and check out the new collection "Anna Karenina" which won't be online for a while, sorry. we are very slow at adding new stuff. I promise it will get better, i am just in a major revamp phase of Toujours Toi it's very exciting
The party is at Lux one of my world-favorite stores. amazing vintage stuff and my jewlery.
Ankerstrasse 24
8004 Zurich

hope you are all eating enough chocolate!

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