Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the SALE at LUX

oh my god, I never thought so many people would come and show up! it was so great and maybe a bit chaotic...especially without Marion helping me. But tons of fun. Lux was a great location of course for it! people just came and hung out and bought stuff.
thanks to Julie my sister for the pics!
I adore this picture! I have "thinks" reflected on my head (from a gallery across the street)

people, people, note the guy with the halo! holy.

yes guys rock toujours toi too! Dominic Rawle my former Australian rep and great photographer

Beat from Lux put a table outside so people were drinking bubbly and having a great time until ate

beautiful women...

DJ Maze my ex-boyfriend and great friend was spinning records inspired by the jewlery-so good! he is booked for the next sale.

This is when the event was over. I was very tired and I look kind of dazed-like a stepford wife- my dear frend Nick tries to figure out if I am a robot or not...

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