Saturday, May 05, 2007

Viva Mejico!

I hope your spring has been hot and happy!

As a celebration of "Cinco de Mayo" day I am giving the "Viva Mejico
necklace" $8 off.
so it is $60 instead of $68. But as this is one of my spontanous
actions I could not change the price yet, so the deal is whoever
orders the "Viva Mejico necklace" until the end of this month I am
sending them $8 back with paypal!

I am so excited to finally, finally visit Mexico for the first time
ever at the end of this month!!
Viva Mejico!

love and fireflies!


oh and by the way this amazing picture was shot by Dominic Rawle of a little preview for my newest Toujours Toi shots!

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