Friday, June 22, 2007

Zola and Sandy's Tulum Wedding!

Hello dear friends! I am back and settling back into a pretty intense working schedule after having my first vacation (real vacation!! no computer!) in years! it was such an amazing and delicious time in mexico. I am so refreshed and inspired. I will be adding more photos very soon.
I just reorganized my entire studio. I am looking forward to this summer!

Zola's and Sandy's Tulum wedding was so dreamy! we had the best time and the ceremony was so beautiful!
I made this crown for Zola, she wanted to look like a mermaid and she did!

Jennifer wearing the "Naked as we Came" necklace

Sara wearing the "Radio Song" necklace

Maya wearing the "ghostown" necklace

me wearing the "All you need is Love" necklace but it can't be seen in the pic :)

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