Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Toujours Toi Christmas Sale- the team

Thanks to all of you for stopping by! we had a blast!

Julie and me with the "Karma International Gallery" Ladies Karolina and Marina.
thanks again to "Karma International" for hosting us! and thanks to Eva, Julie, Marion and Tina for being amazing busy, buzzing, beautiful bees! and James for taking pics and cooking up mulled wine etc.

I really hope another picture will surface of "the team" another picture where we
don't look so crazy! Tina doesn't even look up-working away!

now you can see Tina! and she is wearing the "Scarborough Fair" and "Cupid" necklace, Dilara is wearing a special edition necklace called "Anchors Away"

Julie's selection!

looks kind of empty, Marion is ready to fill it up with some new goods..

more pics to follow..i am waiting to have them sent to me..

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