Friday, March 28, 2008


so I will catch up a little bit on the great LA time I had! I was surprised at how much I liked LA! I think it had much to do with the fact that I got to stay with my darling friend Jamila. we had lot's of fun, and the whole thing was surprisingly relaxed even if I did the D&A trade show by day. I was so happy to see Jamila again after such a long time!
we had a fun "cruise day" after the show was over on monday. seeing stores and trying on big hats..
ps: Jamila is wearing the "Sticky Fingers necklace" and the "Found at Sea" necklace..

Thank goodness Jamila helped me break down the booth at the end of the show..I am always so slow at that. "Sweet Dreams earrings" helped too.

I took the red eye back to NY on monday, so we had time for a dinner at an indian restaurant! food & friends = favorite!

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