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Toujours Toi feature on Gen Art Pulse

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Intergalactic Planetary

Monday, April 21, 2008
Intergalactic Planetary
Nina Egli's stellar gems charm their way into our jewelry box.

In a move that would make Ziggy Stardust proud, Nina Egli has arrived on the fashion radar to inject a little whimsy into our uninspired outfits with a collection of cute, kooky, and totally wearable jewels in tow. For Egli, jewelry-making was in the stars. Brooklyn-based but Swiss-born, she created Toujours Toi in 2002 while chasing thespian dreams at New York's Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, after following a friend's suggestion that she take her jewelry-design hobby more seriously. Eleven collections later, we can enjoy the fruits of her labor alongside Regina Spektor, Mischa Barton and Neko Case, who are all fans.

Her delightfully whimsy approach matches her imaginative philosophy and eclectic influences, which span from her grandpa's sneakers to old '70s storybooks to daybreak in Barcelona. "What's so fun about jewelry is that you're not buying a whole outfit—you can get really creative with it. Make it a conversation piece; make it your best friend," she told us. We think she's onto something.

Inspiration found on a recent trip to vibrant Mexico City gave birth to her Spring 2008 "Helter Skelter" collection, in which Egli skillfully pairs silver and gold chains with neon feathers, faux bamboo shoots, authentic quartz and crystal "moon rocks," planet charms, and bright pops of color. Bold, colorful, and tinted with tongue-in-cheekiness, the delectably campy celestial theme is understood most correctly by those who share Egli's clever wit. In her own words, "Jewelry always has to have a little humor." For me, this quirky collection cues nostalgia for the good ol' days of yore, when I doodled stars and unicorns in my Lisa Frank notebook with a "Clueless"-inspired feather pen.

So let the "Space Cadet" earrings peek out from under your long hair in all their hot pink glory, or wear the "Tulum" necklace against a plain white tee. And if you're color-shy, there's the "Coco Loco" necklace, a black beaded beauty with gold hardware and clear crystals. Jump on and unleash your inner cosmic-glam-rock rainbow warrior princess—C'mon, you know she's in there somewhere.

Toujours Toi is available at Stackhouse, 323 Lafayette Street, (212) 219-3115.

- Kristi Garced

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