Monday, June 16, 2008

Julie's Birthday update

it was such a beautiful day! we ate and ate. and she got lot's of presents!! geee! how is it gonna be when Julie turns 30? she will have to rent a storage space for all the presents. when we were growing up i never understood WHY if Julie is younger her birthday comes before mine? lot's of math.

ok i am the "little sister" but I am older!

mum and julie

I love making presents for the people i love

Beauty Julie with the shawl from India and the anchor with corals from Circe's fall collection. our daddy is happy too.

MORE presents!

Maggie with her one of a kind Toujours Toi piece

Tina with her Cupid's necklace which for some reason is not available online. i love the combo of the shirt with the black heart and i love tina.

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