Wednesday, July 16, 2008

packing bags again...

Oh tomorrow morning we are off to India. my brave mum kaya and me are off to produce the spring 09 collection of Family Affairs and I will also try to get some new pieces done for my fine jewlery label Circe both of which we are launching this fall (it's sooo soon!!)
I thought we were leaving today and still I am not ready at all.
I am writing things, printing things, remembering things, packing things, adding things up. I doubt I will sleep much tonight out of worries and anticipation.

Sometimes (or right now:constantly) I ask myself WHY am i putting myself through this? The constant packing, the unknown, the scary, the adventures. right now I just wish I could stay home and sleep or go to Italy and eat and did not have to dive into such uncertain working conditions over there in India but all I can do is trust and jump and India has a strange way of surprising us from all directions at all times. I hope it will be more good than bad.

It's monsoon there. I have no idea what that means exactly. we are flying through Moscow and land in Delhi at 3am.

this lovely write up by Silvia Binggeli was today in Annabelle (thanks again Diana for the scan!!) the photo is by Philipp Müller from the shoot we did a couple of weeks ago with Miriam my favorite model.

This is what we are doing tonight: packing our bags and hope for the best. whoever feels like crossing their fingers for us-please do!
and all I know is that all the amazing people around me actually really carry me through and I know that I could never do any of this stuff without their love and support (ever!) and in the end that is what the spirit of Family Affairs is about. to acknowledge all the talent, the love and beauty of the family of friends and relatives that is around us. wow i am just going on and on, I guess I don't want to pack. xxxx nina

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