Monday, August 18, 2008

can i just play?

for my birthday I took it easy and really got to enjoy what is here to enjoy! i mean it was sunday.but usually sunday is not sunday for me

today real life kicked in hard! the weeks before a new collection come out is agonizing; time-schedules that are not met..responsibilities...pressure and more that fall through and then sudden amazing things that happen and all of it all the time. and sometimes i am just a bit tired. i feel like staring into tv but but. the boat needs to keep on sailing!
sail away with me.

so here are some Toujours Toi sightings from last night!

Tanya and her "Sailor's Moon" necklace from Circe- coming sooon!my favorite Cerillos earrings

on the left on the left! Tina wears her Scarborough necklace
Marion wears the owl necklace that is now sold out..
Stella is wearing her "Meet me in the Garden" necklace-coming soooon!

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