Thursday, August 28, 2008

let's get out to the country

after a super busy morning i ran to the trainstation to catch a train out of the whirlwind to visit my grandma in her new home. i just missed her too much.
this day was so long. and it was great like that. i also had a chance to breathe fresh air, not feel like a total stress ball for a couple of hours and watch the amazing green landscape from the train window. there is nothing like it, i love it so much. it was like a mid-day to evening adventure journey. i even got lost once. i saw cows and apples and lakes.

i love old hotels
there was this great thriftstore on the way there that i visited.
i thought about getting this mushroom. then i got all practical and didn't get it. I think i have to travel up there again and get it!

i seem to never grow up

don't you just wanna sit down and unload a basket full of goodies and picnic all day and night??

i don't know what this is but it's beautiful

child on trampolin!


this is where my grandma now lives

this is when i was lost!


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