Tuesday, September 16, 2008


can you believe it? The D&A trade show came and went. it was actually great and we got some wonderful new stores also slept like a stone ....i have been working nonstop for weeks.

Meghan Roberts helped me out soo much! she is an amazing photographer and a briiiilliant and funny friend!!

stella, meghan, moi, maya and sara!
this was our neighbour designer Squat and now i can't remember the label's name but i will look it up later! he was our best friend at the show. funny and addicted to the crazy cupcakes.
stella with her new sailor's moon necklace..
Conni and Bobbi visited us too..
and conni got herself the "Across the Ocean" necklace from Circe. it's like I made it for her!Meghan drew me some eyebrows!
baby seals! Stella is breaking my heart and leaving tomorrow for milan. and i won't see her for weeks!
so myspace!

this was like a tripping dessert we took once a day. the frosting on the cupcake was so thick, it made you so high just to let you crash 2 min. later. irresisteble
walking to D&A trade show in the morning. 8.30 am
Meghan sorting jewerly. she is a major sorter! and was the best to hang out with me at the show! we had a lot of fun and also worked of course...
I am so fast I blur
Stella came by like a diamond whirlwind and tried on one of our little jumpers..well it's still on the hanger
it was the tiniest of booths! and it was cozy and we never knocked anything major over!
done done done!! it was such a beautiful taxi ride. golden golden

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