Friday, September 12, 2008

fashion thursday

oh oh! once again i had a crazy preparation day. but i have to say, i am functioning pretty well on little sleep and then good music gets me through the day while i work and tonight my friends were especially awesome and loving and it was just so much fun! first i met alice and crew at the party for seven and then skipped over to the zac posen afterparty to meet stella and cole. we sat in a hidden corner and were able to chat and watch without being watched. and then walking to the subway and the air is all warm still and we are all really overworked but happy...

Alice and Ami! Alice wears the "Long Goodbye necklace"
I always have to wear my glasses now because i forgot my contact lenses and half of my brain in Switzerland! i am also wearing a braaand new necklace i made today for TT spring 09. it's called "Miles Away"
Zac posey!
young love! stella and cole. awww

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