Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Launch

On Friday we had our sweet little launch at Erbudak! I was launching The Secret Hour. Toujours Toi's Fall collection, but there were some other newbies, like Circe and the brand new printed T-shirts and tote bags and other selected pieces from Family Affairs

I ike how Dilara presented it in the fancy cube!

i got some old silent movie stills printed and we transformed them in display boards. eva is the master of the boards, glue and cutter. on the board in the front a lion tries to eat a glamourous dancer. romantic.
Dilara Erbudak heart and soul of Erbudak
Daniele with her brand new "Dark Side of the Moon" and Nici with the classic "Liberte Hoops"
The beauties; marisa from hophope wears the popular "Dark Side of The Moon" and rebekka the "Let Them Eat Cake"
Anni! got herself the small across the ocean anchor necklace from Circe! in oxidized silver. we were reminiscing about Cadiz and hanging out at ports.
Julie Trying on the "Calling London" Jacket from Family Affairs

Dilara modeling the "Overboard" coat from Family Affairs"Inti, Inti, Inti!

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