Tuesday, September 09, 2008

no. 400

This is my 400th. post! I don't know what that should feel like. right now i am sitting at my window on my shaky black bench on my dear black round table with yellow flowers that sara left for me- in BROOKLYN! I am back!
the usual: suitcases spilling over unto the floor, grogginess, sleepiness, overwhelm, confusion and still so happy to be here! so sunny!! I am off to the W and Oak party. my camera is broken. I hope Alice will take pics!!

so yesterday was another miraculous day. it was supposed to rain all day. miserably.
we had no other choice but to do the spring 09 collection shoot for Family Affairs yesterday! so we did and it ended up being sunny from the moment we starting shooting until the end! it was intense! 11 looks! here are some backstage pics:

Tanya in action! I am glad I brought my grandpa-sweater and my grandma blanket. it kept Miriam warm-ish.
This is how tough and good Eva is. she's a champ.

Il Maestro Philipp and my muse Miriam at work..

looking and looking

done done done!

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