Thursday, September 11, 2008

nzz am sonntag

This is like the Sunday Times of Switzerland and we got some nice two pages. The title is:
"an almost normal family"! it's about Family Affairs and working as a family etc. It's my mum Kaya, Julie and me in my studio in Zurich. what I like about the photo is that the family theme goes further. the sofa I inherited from my grandma on my dad's side and the painting from my other grandma..

Thanks to Rebekka Kieswetter for this lovely write up! and sava havlacek for the fun pics!

The first photos is of our emerald green velvet shorts "dear prudence" and one of my favorite books ever: "The Movies" it's like 55 years old and i had it for 10 years and it keeps on inspiring me. I bought it for $2 in a thrifstore. those are the true treasures.
I look a little bit lightly dressed in the pic, i seem to never choose the right outfits for photos. I am wearing shorts!
click on the pics for a bigger view!

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