Sunday, October 05, 2008

**Getting ready for the Kulte Party in Paris**

omg! the party with KULTE was really just so great! I have been talking to Mat and Yasmina from Kulte for a while and then we decided to have a party during fashion week at their amazing Paris location with an Apero at the famous "La Perle".
Kulte hosted the party and we are having select pieces available all October at the Kulte shop at 76 Rue Vieille du Temple.
I am a big fan of their work, their ideas and the great atmosphere they create!
Yasmina is the talented and lovely designer for Kulte women. Carmela is my amazing friend, supporter and "Les Ettes" owner!Even the set up was fun! we have been e-mailing each other ideas and just brought in stuff we collected. and it was so great! it all came together so perfectly. all deco parts complemented each other and we created a really fun installation in the Kulte store. Yasmina also brought in a "Bonjour Tristesse" dvd which they screened during the party..
Yasmina changed the outfit in the window to go with the "Found at Sea" necklace. kulte!
Marion writing price tags...
Yasmina getting into it! Carmela found the perfect flowers. and Yasmina brought the perfect vase..
Marion and Carmela
I started drinking soda. I am so bad. Marion is seeing a really tall person and she's wearing the "Night at The Opera" necklace in red aaand the "you are the anchor of my heart" t-shirt which is a limited Family Affairs edition...
Yasmina brought these awesome doll heads from Marseille. have I mentioned I love Marseille? the table cloth is from my grandma. all the way to paris grandma!
Hi Owls!
oh yeah and Yasmina also sourced more lacy table cloths and perfume bottle and fun porcelain friends from fleamarkets in Marseille. The little tray is from my other grandma!
LOVES the bunny!
Carmela brought in this box with stamps. how perfect is it?
i wish oldfashioned love letters with wax seals got back in style...

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