Saturday, October 11, 2008


I took the train to Bern. I can never get enough of the sad-sweet atmosphere of looking out of train windows.and I went to Kitchener where Toujours Toi has been sold for a while. it's like the fashion mekka of bern. this is where i ran into Sandra who was wearing the Liberte hoops in silver, the Family Affairs tote bag and was trying on Family Affairs cloting! it's true! it was such an encouraging moment, making me feel like it's actually real. so cool. thank you sandra!
Kitchener has been around for 40 years! Now Sarah Huber took over the show from her dad and she is amazing at what she does. really professional and also kind. it's a pleasure to work with them!Toujours Toi selection!
our Family Affairs selection!

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