Tuesday, October 28, 2008

polaroids! the mega post

So through the Pudri blog is I discovered my new favorite application where you can make your photos into polaroids! I am so doomed. please someone come over and take me away from this thing so i can work!

here is a random pola overview of the last couple of months

Julie wearing the Found at Sea necklace and my mum at the HopeHope party with Marisa and Tina
at my birthday with the Karma girls and Stellina
LinkHello Simi and Tina wearing the Scarborough Fair necklace
At the Kulte Party in Paris with the lovely Yasmina!The talented Dominic and Ursina!
With Simi at Nadja's birthday breakfast wearing the Cupid earrings
At the Loeb event opening with Marion, Zuska of Griesbach and Konrad. Marion's wearing "Night at the Opera" and I am wearing all Family Affairs and Circe..
Eva, Tanya and Miriam on the shoot for Family Affair's spring campain

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