Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Party-NY

Oh it was really super fun. I have a champagne hang over today. For the holiday sale party Christian Wassmann graciously opened his studio to us! It's such a beautiful space. of course I did not think of taking pics. i always forget during an event but Stella took some! thanks to everyone for coming!

The beginning:
Alison with the Petite Princesse necklace and the Overboard coat! give me that give me that!soo cute! Stella and Alison unisono in the Overboard coats
Sara and Stephanie Sara is wearing the Dear Prudence shorts in wool and the Carmela T-shirt and I am wearing the Piano shirt and the Dear Prudence shorts in framboise velvet!
Sara pretty much pulled this all off. She knew the whole inventory and the prices and she just worked magic! could have never done it without her!Valinci Patelli did an amaaaazing job with the catering! The finger sandwiches were like little art works and the champagne kept on flowing..
The architect and interior designer and furmiture designer- uff- Christian Wassmann in his space with Lovis and Basil
and of course Stella Greenspan who was the biggest trouper and stayed for the whole time helping out even though she was not feeling well!!Oh Zola! the Tea for Tillerman dress looked so naughty secretary on her! She is also wearing the Rainbow Warrior necklace
Jenny Tran stopped by wearing her Pola Negri necklace
and Anja Grassegger
Michael (it was his birthday and he was there helping out too, thank youu!!) Valinci, Zola and me with a sun ball on my head
Nadja with her Sailor's Moon Circe necklace!
Christian and Lovis discussing (probably furniture)Then the wild boys came. Cole Mohr got the Cupid Necklace for Stella and the Ghostown necklace for himself go for it boys!
Corey wishing he had pierced ears for the "Cerillos earrings"
Elisa with her Always and Forever necklace and Basil.
Valinci got into it at the end. Blinging it Toujours Toi style.Wearing The Beyond Snow earrings, the All you Need is Love necklace and a one of a kind piece.

special special special thanks to Stella Greenspan, Valinci Patelli, Sara Vargas and Christian Wassmann

PS: I will have another Holiday sale party in Zurich on the 19th. of December! save the date!

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