Thursday, November 13, 2008

the scent of gareth

like many fashioney people and hysterical fashion student boys with sleepy eyes and skinny legs (there were so many!) we went to the unveiling of the 6 scents project at the new museum hosted by gareth pugh. featuring jeremy scott, alexandre herchovitch, preen, cosmic wonder and gareth pugh.I was standing on the terrasse loving the view and was thinking to myself gareth is probably not even here to "host". suddenly this group of japanese go "gaaaarrreeeeeth!!" and I realize the quiet man standing next to me is gareth pugh. he was discreetly and almost silently giving an interview. so i took a photo of his elegant back.
alexandre herchovitch posingJenny Tran posing. she is wearing....the Elisabeth necklace in gunmetal and the Pola Negri necklace! Hey Gina good to see you!

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Dili said...

Hoi Nina,
The six scents will soon be available in Zurich at ERBUDAK!
bis bald, D from E