Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buy from my Friends :)!

I have been inspired by all these christmas shopping guides. I decided to make one with things my friends make and sell! I love my friends!

1.) a Two Horses checkbook to make writing checks more fun or at least romantic. haha.made by my friend Jamila at 11:11
2.) uuh a little handmade purse from my friend Jana Keller from Royalblush. The bags are made from sustainable leather and so beautiful!
3.)The T-Shirt Bunny Spell is from Kimme Buzzelli whom I haven't met in person but I sell at Showpony her iconic store in LA!
4.) another 11:11 burner! a notebook with skyscraper and balloons
5.) The feisty Bambi is from Claudia Ebnoeter email her here to buy her one of a kind freaks!
6.) The lucky thing is that my friend Carmela of Les Ettes makes one of my favorite perfumes! it's called Love Ette
7.) My friends at Kulte threw an unforgettable TT party in Paris this year during fashion week in their Marais store.. not only are they generous and fun they are also very talented. I love their T-Shirt What you See
8.) The cult store Kitchener in Bern, Switzerland has been selling Toujours Toi for a long time. This season they took on Family Affairs as well. Their store has been a family enterprise since 40 years! amazing- so here are the red leather gloves from their online shop.

merry gift shopping! xxx Nina

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