Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Sale Party at Karma International Gallery

wow what an evening! It was really great! THANK YOU to everyone who came! and sorry if i didn't get to talk to you!
I have a bad cold so I sounded like I've spent the last weeks smoking and drinking whiskey and singing the blues. which I haven't .
LinkThe First Couple of Rock and Roll; Fabian Marti and Karolina Dankow of Karma International Gallery where we were at!Jonas and ani
Caudia Hannimann's and Fabian Marti's backs
My darlings from NY Stella and Cole with Sarahwearing the Piano blouse, the Dear Prudence shorts and the All you need is Love necklaceThe Boy's Corner: Sir Cole Mohr wearing his Ghostown necklace and and Sir Fabian Marti with the Royal Treatment necklace
soo cute! Oveboard coat!
Moni with the Sailor's Moon necklace
Christa with her Beyond Snow earrings!
The Cerillos Earrings Here is the super cute winner of the HopeHope contest. with her "All you Need is Love" necklace. such a great match!
Julie and Marion the Toujours Toi/Family Affairs super troopersThree Angels for Charlie in their Baby Blue blouses! Marina of Karma International, Julie my sister and all round help for the night and my top notch assistant Eva!

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