Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thank You

2008 has been a very active and very crazy year. This year I've learned more, worked more,been overwhelmed more, traveled more, worried more than in any other year. I also was never as much in awe of my friends and family who have been helping out left and right. and I never felt so clearly that I could never do it all alone.
I am so grateful to each one of you who helped us out, who encouraged, pushed and believed.

my mum Kaya Egli for inspiring me to take on this big and crazy and wonderful adventure called Family Affairs , for taking on so much work, for making amazing patterns!My dad Peter Egli for troubleshooting over many different time zones and great advise over sake.
My sister Julie Egli for designing the prints for S/S 09, for helping out at the holiday party in zurich, for the magazine clippings, the phone calls and laughter!
Eva Bühler my diamond assistant for countless thingies and being an amazing assistant stylist at the shoots.
Meghan Roberts for coming from SF to help me out at the NY D&A show! for so much fun and bringing some order in my room! and expert steaming of course.
My Cousin Alexandra Binswanger for doing the inventory with my mum!
Tanya Worn for facilitating import in the US and calming my nerves!
Jenny Tran, graphic designer extraordinaire for creating logo and website for Family Affairs!
Yasmina de Cesco for organizing our party at Kulte with so much care, awesome ideas and top notch props from marseille! truly inspiring.
Mat for being a generous and amazing host at Kulte-Paris! and to make it happen!Philipp Muller for shooting both Family Affairs campaigns and turning out the pictures of my dreams! amazing.
Miriam Maina my model muse for doing both Family Affairs campaigns with us!
Tanya Koch for doing the hair for both Family Affairs campaigns and the make-up for s/s09!
Nicola for doing the make-up for the f/w 08 campaign!
Jeremie Crettol for graciously letting us shoot the s/s 09 campaign at his place!Sara Vargas for holding it down for me in Brooklyn. for sending bits and pieces, for making the holiday party happen and for being such a charming TT and FA embassador!
Valincy Patelli for creating little masterworks of food for the NY Holiday party
Christian Wassmann for opening his studio for our NY holiday sale party!
Jamila Tazewell for offering me her home in LA while I did the D&A show and being a gold star friend and inspiration.
Nadja Grimm, for ironing the clothes for the shoot, for receiving texts from all over the world to measure something or send something or search for something!
Inti Salami for typing up all orders!
Stella Greenspan for the phone calls, the e-mails, the texts. for daily inspiration, sunshine, friendship! and all the styling with TT!
Marion Zünd for being a major source of strength for both Family Affairs and Toujours Toi. Marion has helped me in so many ways; from coming to Paris with me to do the Kulte party and the Rendez Vous trade show to lending me props, clothing racks, her studio, her time, and her input and wisdom.
My aunt Anemie for helping us pack, deliver and ship!
Beat Krenger for organizing lot's of madness surrounding the Loeb opening and exhibition without ever losing his humour.
Andrina Tisi for flying down from Vancouver to help me at D&A in LA! true friendship!
Ani Leidner for driving us to Basel for the Family Affairs shoot. for being my rock solid friend.
Carmela Fleury -for doing two trade shows with me this year in paris, for unforgettable moments all across the globe. for taking me to the movies in paris in my pajamas, for reviving me when i am run down! for bringing hangers, flowers, dvds, tea, wine, support, frames...
Karolina Dankow and Marina Leuenberger for hosting the holiday sale party and being big motivators and fellow fighters and all the fun!
and Enrique Erne for doing all the webpublishing and putting up with lot's of deadlines!

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