Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stella Greenspan-guestblogger extraordinaire

I decided to have guest bloggers on the blog, for fun! Stella is the first one. While I was at home with crazy eyes finishing the fw09 collections on tursday night, Stella got to go out.
here we go (with a slight edit from me:):

Today it is my honor to be guest blogging on my favorite blog! Thursday was a busy day with many outfit changes involved (as you will see), but one thing that always remained the same throughout the day was my TT jewelry ;-)
I went to the Phi fashion show. I always really like the clothes, very wearable.
after phi met up with cole and we went to the libertine presentation.
the light was so beautiful outside.Time warp!!
it was a very colorful presentation
A Rodarte sister was there (loved the show)
afterwards, we headed to the Vman party at an ice skating rink. I had been looking forward to that party the whole week. Pirouettes here i come.

my man lookin good on the ice.
me looking kind of like i know what i'm doing (with the Liberte hoops and September leggins)
ahhh the boysa close up of me with my favorite earrings (ok real talk, i'm adding this image because my hair is really nice in this pic)Thanks Stella! xxx

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