Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aeschbacher TV talk show

I was on the "Aeschbacher" national Swiss talk show. The theme was "Brilliant" and I was supposed to bring on the bling. I grew up watching Kurt Aeschbacher on tv, so it was a bit intimidating.
The show is airing the 19th. of March at 10.20pm on sf1. I hope my grandma will tune in! I namechecked her!

Terrified before the show!
my mum was terrified too! Also I couldn't find my Circe ring before I left the house and I got all panicky . my sister lent me hers.It was cool my friends were able to make me a little more nervous backstage before the show.

Simi don't mess with Carmela!! she is wearing Family Affairs fw09 which won't even be out for another half a year and a one of a kind TT necklace! magic powers, you know what I mean?
my folks being all cool and stuff in the tv studio waiting for the show to begin.
All the pretty ladies are mine
that's right!
"Let me tell you the secret of life..."
So happy that it was over! with Diana (and her All You Need Is Love necklace)and Carmela after the show! Carmela and me are wearing pieces from Family Affairs fall/winter 09
Everyone was happy it was overI was so happy that golden lady Karolina was there too!
Fabian is not hypnotizing a mouse- he is gazing into my jewelry box
I am like a doll. sit me on your couch and I will stare at you.
Simi and Tala with TT spring 09 and my dad workin the room
My Buddy!! my buddy got up at 3am in Austria to come watch it all live!!
Meant the world to me!

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