Saturday, March 21, 2009

cruise with me

my darling assistant Eva and me treated ourselves to an hour of fleamarket-scoring and scouting this morning before we went to do the inventory at the office.
I just realized I only took pictures of blue objects today. I am attracted to the blues

Eva and me both love Minnie Ripperton and found her record at my godmother's booth at the fleamarket!
Anneliese and her husband Richard run an amazing shop of American vintage furniture, jewelry, and one of the best record collections in Zurich, it's called "Bikini" at Zeughausstrasse 55
Eva with a darling hat.
There was no mirror so Eva took a pic of these Christian Dior glasses on me. I bought them for $17. splurge of the week.
The moon over NY
later in the day during an inventory break; Eva with her "Pferdefreundin" one of a kind necklace. heart to heart
I scored these funny deep winter shoes at the fleamarket. finally I will be warm again and spring is around the corner. also i got this fun little wallet bag and the ring is the new Circe ring and is right now exclusively available at "ON Y VA"


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francesca said...

where's this flea market and when??
i want to go!
have a nice day from italy,