Wednesday, March 04, 2009

left behind

as I am on a stringent shoelace budget and also because I just don't have enough space I had to leave some treasures behind at tag sales and weird church thrift stores last weekend in the Northfork. I have a new trick though. If I like something I will just take a photo of it, so I still have the visual inspiration.

but it does takes some:
just darling!
I admit I did think for a moment to buy it! haha. where would be the appropriate place to put it though?
I love cookbooks but I always cook from scratch. except desserts. I did make a stunning chocolate mousse last saturday. it was nervewrecking.
I wanted to buy this and do a christmas based on this book. like do each and everything that is in there. I would probably have to take a month off to prepare and bake and create gifts. but look how happy they are!
just love the graphics. but I am not allowed to just buy books based on the graphic cover. spending lockdown.
I kind of regret this one. I was being too practical. who cares if the suitcase is super heavy if it looks this perfect!oh suitcase, I wish you were here.
If I had a landline I would have bought this phone. I like things with big numbers.
I did buy about 3 meters of Horizon books for $2!

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