Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Madness of it All

I used to collect records. I used to not be able to pass any record box. I had to chill out on the compulsion. especially after moving them up and down so many stairs. right now my whole collection is in storage! so sad. I still buy some here and there. but seriously only like 10 in the last year. I love records! I love record covers! I love slipping the record out of the cover. placing the needle on the record etc! getting carried away. oh and this has always been one of my favorite books.
Now I just take photos of them. Here is my selection from the vintage store hotel close to my grandma they were just 1 frank each-how proud are you of me for resisting?
I bought this one.

Mireille looks so mean. what are you saying MERCI for?

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