Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Neko Case

I discovered the amazing Neko Case on a trip to Budapest 3 years ago after I read an article about her. I was hooked to her indie country sound right away . a little later I was lucky to see Neko in concert. It blew me away and I tasted each whiskey brand from the bar. I met Neko after the show and gave her the fox earring I was wearing. she loves foxes and owls, like me. attracted to the animals of darkness.

Neko just came out with a new album called "Middle Cyclone". I have not heard it yet..but I am sure it carries gems!
then a little later Neko actually ordered some jewelry from my website which made me super happy. Neko looks out for me, sending me links when people rip me off or referring Toujours Toi to a store or friends. Thanks Neko!
This is a pic of Neko wearing the "Fox and Dagger" earringsps: check out " Hold on Hold on", "Porchlight", "Bought and Sold" or "We've Never Met" it will rip your heart a good way.

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