Thursday, April 09, 2009

backstage pics of La Vie Etrange

We shot the "La Vie Etrange" campaign last September. We only had one day that we could shoot it schedule wise. It rained everyday before, the forcast for that day was dreary; rain all day long. I called teh airport for an exact forecast and they said it was the worst day of the week.
It was an outside shoot, we couldn't move it inside. I am stubborn and I rely on miracles so I decided to just do it anyway. As soon as we were all ready the sun came through and we shot every single pictures in the sun. These kind of days are just magic! who cares that I lost my wallet later (I found it again) and had to go home and pack all night to fly back to NY .
Dream Team! Philipp Mueller did the photography, Eva Bühler was my brillz assistant! Tanya Koch did make-up and hair and Miriam Maina was the model. we all work really well together, I am so thankful I get to work with such amazing people. It's the biggest thrill when it all comes together .
I love these shoes. I miss these shoes.
Miriam bundled up in rugs and a cup of tea. it was not THAT summery.
yey! after getting it all done!
so happy because it's over!
Thank you to: Jeremy Crettol for lending us his trailer and the location, Marion Zünd for all teh phone calls, ideas and encouragement during preparation and lending us her studio for hair and make-up, to Nadja Grimm for all the steaming of the clothes and of course to Eva, Miriam, Philipp and Tanya!!

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