Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toujours Toi Collection shoot

Yesterday was another huge day! We shot all 11 collections for Toujours Toi at the legendary Villa Pathumba in Zurich. Team Awesome!
As always this came together last minute. I scoured my own and the family closet to create the outfits. I also got some amazing clothes and shoes from Lux and accessories from Marion! Thanks!!
The weather was so beautiful, I am not used to hot, sunny days, I was like a fried egg at the end of the day.

and Anita and the first shot of the day for The Secret Hour
Nicola discovered an interesting bug, she is also wearing the loved Circe ring.
For Honey Ryder.Inspiration was this. Anita went into the fountain with the dress as well
This was for "Follow Me"coming out in sept. Here Tanya is freshening up hair for ""Old School"
Anita wearing the Tea For Tillerman dress for the "Old School" picture.
our fancy clothing rack!
Prepping Helter Skelter, Anita wears the Rainbow Warrior necklace a lace cape that you can get at Lux!
Last shot of the day! This was for the "White Magic" collection which will be online by July!
many hot summer thanks to Anita, Eva, Nicola, Philipp and Tanya!! It's amazing to work with you.

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