Saturday, June 27, 2009


Guys I am so behind on posts, I have been back in Zurich for a week almost and and still not done with Japan updates. Have been too busy to even try to to be sleepless. Tomorrow we have a shoot for snow wear for brit. Cooler magazine, the day after we are shooting Family Affairs and the next day at 5am I am leaving for NY...I have been packing, lugging, unpacking, rearranging boxes and suitcases from here to there and back again. I am very tired and am looking forward to sleeping on the plane...
so here are some more pics from the 2e Classe event. They arranged and decorated everything so beautifully, so inspiring.

The water bottles with my graphics and Shizu and Miami taking a sip

2e Classe got their own bags made with one of the illustrations;

as well as a super comfy sweater (I am wearing mine all the time now) It is only available at 2e Classe

The t-shirt installation:

And here is Circe next to Rolex; posh!

Merci 2e Classe! and Merci to Eva for taking 500 pics that evening! and Merci Mitsuru and Chi Rho team!

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