Monday, June 15, 2009

sunday like an actual sunday

Sometimes when you have an out of town visitor you suddenly do things that other people do on sunday a.k.a-not work (at least not a lot) So we showed Mitsuru the mellow sunny sunday side of Zurich.

Simi and me

Simi wearing her "Clyde" earrings

lot's of talk about the 3 meter fish:

a boat promising summer fun and cranky kids and grown ups that stare on the water zen like while getting sunburned, also ice-cream and smell of sunlotion.

and there is me holding on to my coke for dear life and wearing Family Affairs ss10 fresh off the press (check out the cranky kid next to me)

I don't really drink booze so I drink this good looking drink at aperitive time:
and suddenly everyone shows up all over the place

yeah and then we had a little business meeting right there

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