Monday, October 12, 2009

last friday....

Hi!! what days!! feel like I wanna curl up in silk pajamas and watch the wheels for a while, but hey fall/winter 10 is calling or names among other things.
The Family Affairs show on friday was such a highlight!! Thanks to every one for coming by and and all the love!
I didn't get to take any photos, but some photos are trickling in...(more to come!)

Here are a few from Playlust!
Ayana with the Ride of Time pants and Sweet Surrender blouse. holy cow I love the make-up and hair that Nicola and Tanya did!

Miriam Maina with her "Baby I'm a Star" dress! dreeeamy. wearing a Circe "The Loner" earring

Lisa Mettier wearing the Northfork blazer, the Piano shirt and the Cerillos earrings!

happy after the show! Can I just say that I had the most amazing team/friends who are all so talented and brilliant! showstoppers all of them!

These photos are from Anni Katrin Elmer

Ayana working her first look! Tina with the Sweet Surrender blouse in black and Honeypie shorts

Lisa with the London Calling jacket and Tina with the Magic Changes jacket

The location Hubertus was a dream for the show. It was just straight out of a movie, I hope I'll get some more pics from the loaction. It used to be this really rustic old restaurant until a young crew took over..there are still taxidermy owls and deers on the wall...

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