Saturday, October 03, 2009

let's play someday

I've been a working hermit crab for weeks it seems and my friends only get to see me if they work with me (they have been so amazing thanks!!) So today I stepped into the real world again meaning I stepped unto the Zurich fleamarket with Simi. yes!!

Kind of amazing array of different inspirations; the Southwest, circus, hearts, Out Of Africa...

quick master chess. looks like some real fun?

hey weirdo

simi got a psychedelic christmas candle

jeremy scott?

The Ninja is making the pony real uncomfortable. stop crowding!

these colors are beyond..and the guy a real dasher

I had to admit to myself that I liked this 1st. because of the print and 2nd. because of it being a couch on a table

I felt the urge to buy this Harry Potter boy sweatshirt (will cut off sleeves and collar) even though I never read a HP book, and the only time I saw aHP movie I had to leave it in the middle because I had to look at an appt. in Washington Heights (these were the real early day)In any case two min. later I bought these Byblos Harry Potter glasses for $5, what is my subconscious telling me? I wanna be a boy sorcerer? probably.

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