Monday, November 23, 2009

sometimes more is more

One thing I Love about jewelry is that it is sentimental, emotional and nostalgic and you can arrange it in little installations to warm your heart.
I like to store my jewelry in nice boxes but I also like have it out so I can get inspired by it and think of all the people it reminds me of..Even though I love working in a white room like this-In terms of my clothes and shoes and jewels the motto is "more is more" but only of the good stuff! I don't want anything I don't like in my closet and I am good at throwing stuff away, but I treasure the things I love and they keep on inspiring me in new combinations.
So here are some stills of my jewelry heaps. Toujours Toi, Circe and finds and gifts from near and far.

my cousin made me this amazing crochet flower wrist band and the amber necklace is my grandma's, My friend Moni gave me the stitched butterfly pin when we were teenagers. I am bad at treating my glasses well. They usually lay around in weird places and get dirty.


Louise said...

wow, your collection looks epically beautiful! I like to have all my jewellery out too, otherwise I forget what I have!

nina said...

that's so true...I sometimes want to do that with my clothes too, but that would be a bit of a mess..