Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Thursday

First of all BIG THANKS to Karma International Gallery for being a super host and to Jenny, Julie, Marion, Tina and my dad for helping out!! Second of all I WISH I would actually remember to take more pictures at events!

Karma International's Niels and Marina

Susie getting into the boxes!

some printed FA&TT things and the 12th bottle

Angie was wearing a complete TT assembly! The Hidden Love necklace was the latest one

Stellibelli in the back and Marion wearing her Calling London jacket in black velvet!

two of my favorites!! Marion and Stella who came straight from NY.

Daniela causing a stir in her Baby I'm A Star dress!

Belinda and Yasmin with the new tote bag! Aki in her Piano blouse and Dear Prudence shorts in wool!

Jenny was the top notch perfect cashier! And stunning in her Baby I'm A Star dress!

Tina and Julie my christmas sale elves at the end of the evening. Superb to the max.

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