Thursday, May 06, 2010

gaff aff

The Swiss Institute along with he Barishnikov Center organized the first US performances by Zimmermann & de Perrot .The show was topnotch! If you have a chance go see it, it runs until the 8th.
This is the only photo I could sneak. Taking cell phone pictures of dance performances is in bad taste especially when Mikhail Barishnikov sits right behind you (omg!!!)
I was seriously starstruck when Barishnikov came in, I grew up in a ballet-centric household and he always seemed to exist only on a far away ballet planet to me.
Later we also saw Kramer from Seinfeld who was tumbling out of the auditorium alone and maybe lost? I kept on waiting for Georg to appear. I mean Kramer and Barishnikov in one room!?
To me it was a bit like "Modern Times" for our times.
I can never watch this movie too many times:

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beyond said...

when i saw the wooster group at the barishnikov center a couple of months ago, mr barishnikov was sitting a few rows behind us as well. i was starstruck indeed...