Thursday, August 26, 2010

step by step

just a little selection off of my phone during my "birthday week" which was last week and great.
some striped NY boys. I don't know them.
Upper East lady with helmet hair and Louboutin slingback kitten heels . I don't know her either.
The PERFECT hummus and Falafel. One of my dearest friends; Jamila was in town and she writes about it in a great way here! We went here after a yoga class and before a peanut butter cookie and it was soo good!
The amazing Target dance and light extravaganza! I didn't expect much of it and was left open mouthed and laughing.
Please don't even tell me what a cheese steak is
Breakfast at Balthazar for my birthdays; perfect!
a wonderful fan I got from Susan in Korea! And a precious postcard Carmela sent me from Tokyo! I am so lucky!

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