Sunday, September 19, 2010

fall/winter 10 Moon River online now!

So happy to present to you: Moon River fw10! It's all in the webshop now. We produce each style in small quantities in a small studio in NYC.

These are some of the out takes of the Moon River shoot, we shot on location at the small wood chalet my granddad built with his family and friends in the early 50ies. It's a beautiful,simple and pure place where we often vacationed as children and where we celebrate christmas when we can.


photography: Philipp Mueller
hair & make-up Nicola: @Style Council
model Natt: @option
styling assistant: Eva B├╝hler
styling: Nina Egli
catering: Ani Leidner and Kaya Egli

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK you to my dream team!

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