Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Treat Day 22! Darling Dress by July Star!

This is the only Holiday Treat that I am doing of the current collection! Super special!
It's also super special because these photos are from the most amazing and fun shoot we did in October in London. I will do a big, fat post about it later though. There are too many fun stories to tell about it. July Stars, one of my favorite bloggers and photographers shot it!
Wandering Crooms Hill mansion in the Darling dress, which is 50% off only today from $329 to $164!
Another one of my favorite blogereens Mlle. Robot wearing the Darling dress
Laetitia and me as Darling twins


Amber Rose said...

"Darling" is right! You both look lovely. Wishing you well!

If Jane said...

supah dress!