Tuesday, November 02, 2010

trust me I'm a virgin

Bara and Ali hanging out at the fitting yesterday. Ali flew in from NY that morning. IMG is providing us with really wonderful models; thank you! We had a mad, mad 12hour fitting day yesterday involving chasing a Fedex package all over Zurich. So we got the line up, we know which girls wear which looks, which shoe sizes are still missing, how many changes we have within the show..
and here one of my faves; Kristy from Australia watching Twilight while waiting!
Thousand thanks to Laura, Marion and Nadja for being my amazing team.


If Jane said...

omg you are a supah star!!! (love that tote bag)
fingers crossed for magic & it will all work out!

Anonymous said...

Merci viel mol!!! Wirklich toll gsi!! Het mi gfreut di kenneglernt zha! und nei, you did NOT embarrass yourself! :-)
liebi griess,

nina said...

@ifjane aww thank you!m.a.g.i.c!!

@sarra het mich au u gfreut! merci!!liebe gruess!