Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Treat Day 24 with Lola Is Beauty!

The Royal Post has been a wee bit slow this December. Lola Is Beauty's Holiday Treat package just arrived a day ago! We were hoping to post The Dark Side Of The Moon necklace for the Lunar eclipse but I think it is also the perfect christmas necklace! I will wear it over the black Siren Song dress!
I love these images all the way from snowy London!
The famous Lola trying to look innocent before attacking The Dark Side Of The Moon
And hanging from Claire's lamp; so pretty.
Tralala The Dark Side Of The Moon is on sale today! from $116 to $58! Merry Christmas!


Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Oh, don't be fooled - her claw is actually piercing that fringe! Happy holiday treats day!

nina said...

Oh it is! she is like "WHAT!? Let me get back to my FRINGETOY!!"

Louise said...

Beautiful necklace! Good work x