Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Affairs in Crooms Hills

Sorry for not showing this video for so long. For a while I was upset that it lost some of the sharpness with the exporting of film and uploading to youtube etc. I don't know how to fix it. I shot this film on a S-8 camera on my visit to London in October and premiered it at the Zurich Fashion Days.
The day of the shoot was just such a magical day. Claire who's a genius found the fairytale location in Crooms Hill, it was a dream to shoot in such a creative and historic place. July Stars shot the photos and I filmed Laetitia of Mademoiselle Robot around the house and in the garden.
Here's Laetitia in the Moon River movie wearing the Moon River Family Affairs collection. Set to "The End Of The World" by Girls


Starr Crow said...

terribly in love with this video you've created! please don't feel bad about the footage. it's wonderful. hope you don't mind, but I added it to my facebook. I want the rest of the world to experience it, too!!/starr.crow

nina said...

Thank you!!