Sunday, December 04, 2011

Holiday Treat Day 4!

James took this photo this summer. The photo isn't really doing the Cry Baby dress justice, you can see it better here. It's the perfect summer and date dress ! Ok, It's winter now but maybe you are planning for your spring vacation in the South Of France? The skirt is really wide and swingy and the top fitted. The glass buttons were made pre-war in NYC..A real good luck dress. So Today it's my Holiday Treat to you and I put it on sale from $219 to $99!


The Captivating Grin said...

I absolutely adore this dress - ahh if only!

young said...

damn it, I didn't even think about it, it just went in the basket through to check out!
thanks, nina!

nina said...

oh thank you two lovelies!
xx Nina