Saturday, March 17, 2012

turn around bright eyes

Inspired by this sweet post on Pomendolo I wanted to show all sides of the "turning around" French Kiss dress. Photos by Maya Villiger of TurnedOut
This is what I wrote about the French Kiss dress on the Family Affairs:

…you rented a little boat by yourself, wearing your mum's straw hat and huge sunglasses, circling the lake in Central Park...

The French Kiss dress isn't only the perfect date dress but also the most comfortable dress to wear around the house. It's like wearing a soft kimono. It fits and flatters.

"you're the reason why I'll move to the city
you're why I'll need to leave"- Sharon Van Etten


Holly said...

So simple and elegant, I adore the clothes at Family Affair. Such a delight, they really really are.


nina said...

Thank you Holly! xx