Monday, April 09, 2012

Sonntagszeitung; Sister Act

I hope you all had wonderful easter and passover celebrations! I actually had to work a lot over the weekend for an exciting new project but I did get to see the Cherry blossoms in the Brooklyn Botanical garden, went to the farmer's market, made scrambled eggs and all that good stuff. I wish thrift stores were open on Sunday though. About a month or so ago my sister Julie and me got shot for Sonntagszeitung (Swiss equivalent of Sunday Times) For their sister special. We obviously had a lot of fun doing that. My sister and me get really silly together so I am glad they chose only a mildly silly photo. The article was just published yesterday. Apparently when our mum showed my grandma the article, she pointed at me in the photo and said "she looks familiar" Hi grandma!!
I am wearing the Swedish Summer dress, I know I am a smudge too late for this but: I think it's the perfect Easter dress! Springy, not too revealing and still flirty.
Julie is wearing one of her new scarves check them out here

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