Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bojangles revisited!

The Of A Kind sample sale aka Roadshow was such a blast (more on that later I promise!) It was fun to also rediscover pieces from older collections anew. Such as the Bojangles dress! Lauren from Megamegaprojects looked so amazing in hers! I still have them in stock and put them on super sale! From $219 to $99!
Each brass button has an anchor on it; for good luck. The fabric is a beautiful soft cotton twill. It's so easy, sturdy and doesn't have to be ironed (yes!)
We made the Bojangles dress in two lengths; the shorter one measures 40cm./15.7" from the waist and the longer version 50cm./19.7". Lauren wears the longer version and this is the longer version as well:
a nice round back with darts.


Q's Daydream said...

Adorable dress! I'm always lusting over all of your things :)

nina said...

Thank you! xx Nina